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My Memory of The Philippines


Please select an album: This page is a large collection of my photos taken in The Phillipines (only a fraction from what I have). I don't have time to split them into specific categories yet. However, I hope these photographs can help my Thai and international friends to refresh their memories about some goodtimes we had together. More than 20 years has passed, but my memory is still fresh about our time in the Philippines. I was realized how valuable old pictures are from the slides shown in the party organized by ปาน , จันทร์ and หนุน a few months ago. I saw that the color of pictures from the Philippines that still survive were deteriorated a great deal because of time, and many people don't have them anymore. Many of my pictures were also destroyed by termites.

So I think it may be a good idea that someone can scan and retouch those pictures to restore its orginal color as much as possible, then store them in a common place that accessible to everyone. So I spent more than 15 hours in scanning and retuching my old photographs and put those resized in this page. If anyone want to have a larger and higher resolution of any picture shown here, please e-mail me.
I'll add more pictures when I have time in the future.

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