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Mountain Bikes for Khaoyai

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Mountain Bikes for Khao Yai was my first participated MTB cross-country event. I joined them because one of their impressive objectives: to raise fund to buy some mountain bikes for Khao Yai National Park. Since I had long been fascinated by many beautiful and easy-access MTB riding trails around Khaoyai Natiional park, I fully supported their idea in trying to encourage tourists to use MTB around Khao Yai for sight seeing or exercises. This event was organized on November 19, 1995 by Probike and Juladis Hotel group. I and my son, Akekaluck, arived the racing ground nearly 9 p.m. of Nov 18. I signed for 40-49 years old category while my son signed for under 15 yrs old category. Both categories had to complete a racing distance of 25 kms. We stayed in our tent at a camping ground they provided for paticipants.

Akekaluck in front of the camping ground.
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I never dream of winning any price in MTB racing since my career did not allow me to practice enough up to a winning skill. My main purpose in joining any cross -country event was three folds, just for fun, to know people of the same favorites and to collect medals given to those who completed the racing distance.

Some people I know, Khun Nipon Sukpreedee at Prachinburi Province and Arjarn Prachin Roongroj are real professional MTB racers. I saw more than a hundred medals, trophies and bowls placing nearly everywhere in their houses. The following are the pictures from this event.

Akekaluck riding from our camping site.

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We were gathering near the start-finish point.
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This is the start-finish point.
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Family teams (must be at least 3 persons, mother, father and a son or daugther) and the VIP category started first. Their racing distance was only 5 kms.
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This is 1-5 winners of over 50-year old category. Mr. Yanyong Charoenpong (in red jacket) was one of a familiar face.
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Winners of men 40-49 category. Arjarn Prachin Roongroj (white hat) was collecting another trophy. Mountain bikes in front of the stage were those they would give to Khao Yai National Park after the event.
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Winners of women over 36 years old category.
MTBforKhaoyai-Nov19_95_WomenOver36Winners-s (56K)

Winners of women below 36 years old category.
MTBforKhaoyai-Nov19_95_WomenUnder36Winners-s (50K)

These two riders were the last slow horses to reach the finish point in 3 hrs.
MTBforKhaoyai-Nov19-95-2Slowest21km-s (48K)

I reached the finish point nearly 15 minutes behind a 74-year old racer, so you know how fit I was. My son was also did not do well but we both got a complete-loop medal as expected.
The race organization was very good, the landscape was superb. The racing trail passed through forest single track, dirt road, asphalted road,crossed a knee-deep creek, quite a steep climbing, rough and muddy terrain. It's fun all the way through the 25 kms track. I like this race verfy much.
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