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Mountain Bike Family Day at Kaeng Lawa แข่งจักรยานวันครอบครัวเสือภูเขาที่แก่งละว้า

Keywords: นที ชัยสินธพ River Kwai Resotel, Kwai Noi River Mon Dance Lawa Cave Resotel Pier Mon Tribal Village River Kwai Jungle Rafts, floatel moored along the historical river

Nov 15-16, 1997.

Mountain Bike Family Day at Kaeng Lawa (Lawa rapid) on the bank of Kwai Noi River was one of the most fascinating events I ever participated. The first event of this kind was the idea of Natee Chaisinthop(นที ชัยสินธพ), the owner of Probike Co., Ltd.., the most advanced bicycle shop in Thailand (I proundly say that he is one of my former engineering students). The MTB races were organized in categories but all of them were aimed to strengthen family relationship, a wonderful objective. They organized this kind of event several times, but the most impressive one is the first which I am writing about it now.

The place for participants to stay for the first night was River Kwai Jungle Rafts, a floatel where rafts are moored along the historical river. This floatel is located in a magnificent natural surounding and they do not provide electricity in order to promote natural atmosphere. Daytime program at Jungle Raft was Mon Tribal Village tour and bird watching. The night program included a romantic dinner and a cultural show called Mon Dance. Mon is the name of a Burmese ethnic group which fled political unrest and migrated to stay permanently in Thai territory. This page is a colleciton of my family pictures taken from this wonderful event.

Prayad and Pimjai relaxed on the raft while waiting for the exotic dinner.
Prayad-Pim-on-RobeCredle2-s (54K)

I and my wife at a cornor of the raft.
NWRPrayad_SittingOn-the-raft-s (63K)

The four of us, me, my wife, Pimjai, Akekaluck.

The three of us.
PimPrayadNWR-on-Raft-s (51K)

I will skip daytime and night programs for now, to show you MTB related activities. Next morning, we and our bikes were moved on big rafts to River Kwai Resotel, a hotel several kilometers on the opposite river bank.
GangOf4-on-Raft-s (46K)

It was an exciting time to travel along the river with many people and bikes. I dressed like a professional racer to save time and energy when we arrived the racing ground.
NWR_OnTheRaft2-s (53K)

NWR_OnTheRaft-3-s (65K)

My cheerful daughter, Pimjai. She does not like biking as much as we do, but always give us high moral supports and follows us to many of our trips. Many of the times she became our family photographer.
PimSolo-on-Raft-s (53K)

WhereWeSat-on-raft-s (52K)

Carrying the bikes from the raft to the river bank was a little of chaos, everyone had to responsible for his bike.
NWR-AtRiverBank-s (61K)

Me and my son at the river bank of Resotel Pier.. NWR_AKE-at-the-Bank-s (58K)

This is the start-finish point of the family race.
GroupStartPoint-s (51K)

We were waiting and listening to the rule.
KaenLava-NWR-AKE-start-pt-s (59K)

KaenLava-NWR-AKE-start-pt2-s (61K)

Along the racing trail. The trail was not very hard, it's an easy to moderately difficult, suitable for new bikers. However, many families gave up before completing the loop since they lacked practice.
KaenLava-NWR-AKE-starting-s (59K)

I could not stop taking picture of this lovely family while we were climbing a high slope.
MTB-family-on-trail-s (65K)

I and my son completed the racing loop without any trophy as usual. As I told you in MTB for Khaoyai story, our aims were just to collect the complete-loop medals and this is just another memorable event.

The rest of the pictures show some marvelous activities...

Our exotic breakfast before departure from the Jungle Rafts to Resotel Hotel.
Prayad-Pim-Breakfast-s (30K)

Bird watching was a part of daytime program.
Prayad-Pim-Ake-BirdsWatching-s (57K)

Mon Dance was one of remarkable cultural shows I've ever seen. It is a classical dance which the dancing postures looked strange to me and curiously faster than Thai classical dance. They also sang during dancing to tell some stories. Mon Dance costume looked a mixture of Thai and Chinese classical dress but the drum and dancing rhythms were much more motivating.

MornDance-1-s (40K)

MornDance-2-s (44K)

MornDance-3-s (51K)

MornDance-6-s (48K)

MornDance-7-s (36K)

MornDance-8-s (47K)

MornDance-9-s (44K)

MornDance-4-s (46K)

I do not understand the story they sang during dancing nor the Mon's language , but I guess that the story ended with a happy ending because the show ended with the male carried female dacers to their rooms like this.
MornDance-10-s (38K)

MornDance-11-s (41K)

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