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Rinding at Mor Sing Tho and a Walk To Nong Pak Chee Wildlife Observervation Tower. ขี่จักรยานมอสิงห์โตและเที่ยวหนองผักชีกับหมอปรีชา

Rinding at Mor Sing Tho and a walk to Naong Pak Chee wildlife observation tower is my collection of pictures of a good time that, I, my son and Dr. Preecha Rugpolmaung, our beloved doctor of medicine, had together. Dr. Preecha helped us many times to overcome our illness. The most important treatments he did for us were curing my wife's back and my mother's hand.

We went to Khao Yai together a few times because Dr. Preecha also like biking and wildlife observation. He is still very active in biking and birding today , much more active than me (May,2005).

This collection also contains some memorable pictures about wildpigs and some hornbills we found up there. Those wildpigs which lost their animal instinct and turned to rely on food from tourists at the National Park's canteen , garbages, were all now extincted because of infection with some unknown diseases suspected as coming from tourists.

You see those wildpigs which lost its dignity as a wild animal which were the cause of a very sad story for them.
. NongpagChi-1-WildPigs-at-canteen-s (38K)

A hornbill and wildpigs harmony.
Bird-Wildpigs-Adj-s (53K)

The sign read "Do not feed animal aroud here".
NongpagChi-1-Bird-at-canteen-s (61K)

NongpagChi-1-WildPigs+Bird-at-canteen-s (59K)

Acloser look of a wildpig. That sign said "If you love nature, please keep this place clean".
NongpagChi-1-WildPigs-at-canteen2-s (52K)

We stayed in our tent at Pha Gloay Mai (Orchid stone) a night before we rode. My son and me were sitting around the filre. For me, a cup of coffee at the fire near our tent tasted better than at Starbuck or anywhere else.
Ake-Around-the-fire-cs (42K)

Ake-NWR-Around-the-fire-s (35K)

Dr. Preecha and my son at a road from Mor Sing To to the old golf course.
Ake-DrPreecha-MorSingto-cs (69K)

Dr. Preecha exhausted at a high slope near Mor Sing To (Lion's Hill).
DrPreecha-MorSingto-exhausted-s (50K)

I was also exhausted.
NWR-DrPreecha-MorSingto-c-s (66K)

Akekaluck and Dr. Preecha playing with a videocam.
Ake-DrPreecha-Golfcourse-s (47K)

Dr. Preecha brought along a Boomerang and he let my son tried it.
Ake-throw-Boomerang-s (43K)

Ake-throw-Boomerang-cs (56K)

At Nong Pak Chee entrance.
DrPreecha-Ake-NongPagChee-gate-s (57K)

I and my son were on the tower when we saw Dr. Preecha walking along the trail to the tower. He was carring a videocam, so he spent his time taking video of manything along the trail.
DrPreecha-on-trail-NongPagChee-s (64K)

At the tower. NWR-DrPreecha-ObservTower-s (62K)

DrPreecha-Ake-NongPagChee-ObservationTower-s (50K)

This is Nong Pak Chee salt-lick. People comes to the tower to watch animal coming to this place.

NongPagChee-SaltLick-s (55K)

We found some animal foot prints along the trail.
AnimalFoodPrints-s (62K)

During walking back to the gate, the three of us enjoned throwing my combat knife along the trail, we threw it to the ground, did not hurt any tree !! Ake-NWR-on-Trail-NongPagChee-s (49K)

At a point along the trail, we found two hornbills on a big tree nearby. When we passed that tree, one of them flew away.
BirdFlying-s (24K)

My telephoto lense could zoom in closest only like this.
BirdFlying2-s (24K)

A closed up view of this hornbill from one of my shots shows that it was carrying a piece of dry grass, so I believed it was building its nest.

BirdFlying2ClosedUp (19K)

This is the tree we found those hornbills.
BirdTree-s (44K)

The following pictures were taken a few years later. They show Dr. Preecha with his bike and his new Zusuki, and a ride at an area we found barking deers.
KhaoYai_DrPreeCha-s (41K)

KhaoYai_DrPreeCha_Ake-s (76K)

End of Story.

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