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Khao Yai Grand View MTB 99 แข่งเขาใหญ่แกรนด์วิวเสือภูเขา 1999


During the year 1999-2002, I was assigned to set up a master degree program in information technology at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Prachinburi. The new campus is located on the road to Khao Yai National Park, not far from the foot of the mountain and unspoiled evergreen forest area.

KhaoyaiGrandView99-MuddyGirl-c2s (85K)
When the program started, several new buildings were underconstruction and the campus was full with dirt that turned to mud when it rained, planty of snakes, birds and even and even livestock from nearby villages. It was a challenging task to promote a high-tech master degree program in an area like that. Not only that, the place is about 140 kms from Bangkok and more than 5 kms away from a nearest town.

I thought of a way to make my students to have some fun so that they will not miss the big city very much. I've done many thing, such as provided a sattelite TV, a coffee room, 24-hrs computer lab. But those seems not enough, many of them still had a home-sick symptom. Luckily, Khun Nipon Sukpreedee, a mountainbike maniac I met many times in MTB racing and camping grounds, native to Prachinburi province, could manage to organize a national MTB race in a place very close to the campus regularly every year. That event was called, "Khao Yai Grand View Mountain Bike XX" and they still organize it regularly till today (2005). The main supporters were Lacta Soy and Tourist Organization of Thailand. I used my own money to build up a small MTB team. And we joined the race of 1999 and 2000.

KhaoyaiGrandView99-NWR-muddy-closer-s (64K) To motivate students, I, my son and my wife also applied to enter the race with them. It was a little surprise to us when Dr. Pornsiri Muenchaisri, a software engineer professor who just returned from USA a year ago, also joined us. The racing trails were laid down for many biking skill levels. Professionals rode for 40 kms along a rather harsh trail to Khao Ito, a high and steep hills near the main road to Prachinburi (that hill nowaday becomes a national down-hill racing ground). The beginners and families rode for 15-25 kms to another direction passing through some villages, dirt roads, small hills and bushes. I rode the biginners' trail.so did my wife and my son. Only one of our team, Dollapatra, qualified for a professional team.

The biginners' trails turned out to be not easy, since the heavy rain poured down the night before, so dirt turned into mud. You can see what happen to me and other riders in the pictures. None of us could get any prize. To complete the racing circuit was hard enough. Our luck came from the pro young boy, Dolapatra Kaewpoomhae. He got the 4th prize of under 16 years old, 40 kms category. This event was fun and very memorable. Part of pictures from this even are shown below, and, to all the boys and girls who joined us, both supporters and racers, I miss you all.

Getting ready for the race.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-AKE-PWR-NWR-Pornsiri-s (65K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99-PWR_Pornsiri-s (53K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99-PWR_AKE2s (72K)

Warming up.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-NWR1-s (54K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99-PWR1-s (50K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99_Pornsiri1s (58K)

In the start posiiton.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-PWR_AKE-s (55K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99-StartPoint-s (66K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99-Starts-s (53K)

Villagers tried to help this girl who fell on the road to wash away the mud from her bike gears.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-MuddyGirl-c2s (85K)

The mud was so thick that the chain and gears got stuck, impossible to ride unless you stop and remove excessive mud from your bike.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-NWR-muddy-closer-s (64K)

A beautiful picture of a father and daugther along a muddy road.
FatherDauther-s (57K)

Dr. Pornsiri and another girl were totally beaten by a long and high slope.
DrPornSiri1-s (53K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99_Pornsiri-beaten-by-slope-s (46K)

Some scenic view of the racing trail.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-OffRoad1s (35K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99-OffRoad2s (36K)

Prayad riding on a good part of the trail.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-PWR_on_Track1s (49K)

Dr. Pornsiri on a similar trail.
KhaoyaiGrandView99_Pornsiri3s (44K)

Our support team from ICIT.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-SupportTeam1s (59K)

Support team helped one of our racer whose bike broke down during the race.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-SupportTeam3s (76K)

Finally, I was not the last one to reach the finish line.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-NWR4s (68K)

Dollapatra received the 4th prize of below 16 years old category.
KhaoyaiGrandView99-prizes_warding-1s (54K)

KhaoyaiGrandView99-prizes_warding-s (60K)

We celebrated our trophy and spirits.

This is another event in the year 2000.
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