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ขี่ MTB สนามกอล์ฟเก่าที่เขาใหญ่
Biking at the old golfcourse, Khaoyai National Park่

Dec 1995. เดือนธันวาคม 2538

Khaoyai national park is one of my favorite mountain biking place. It is a perfect place for biginners. The followings are pictures of one or our trips to an abandoned golf course in Khaoyai. We left our camp at Pha Gloaymai with 3 bikes around 6:00 a,m. on my Zusuki. Sometimes ago, I spotted a nice place to train my wife and my children on simple downhill rides. Here you see our pictures:

Preparing our gears.
PrimKhaoyaiGolfcort-Dec95-s (53K)

We were ready to ride.
PrayadPrimAkeKhaoyaiGolfcort-Dec95-s (55K)

Prayad and Pimjai rode against the early morning sun on the road to the golf course. We were lucky that during that time flowers were blossoming around.
PrayadPrimKhaoyaiGolfcort-Dec95-F-s (50K)

PrayadPrimKhaoyaiGolfcort-Dec95-s (66K)

Prayad during the warm up.
PrayadGolfCourt-adjusted-s (50K)

Long grass were not easy to ride over.
PrayadGolfCourt-1-adjusted-s (56K)

Ready for down hill?
PrayadGolfCourt-start-pt-adjusted-s (52K)

PrayadGolfCourt-start-pt-adjusted-1s (55K)

Prayad followed my son, Akekaluck, down the hill. You can see my son on white T-shirt in front of her.
AkePrayadDownHillGolfCourt2Adj-s (76K)

The surounding area was a nice scenic place, as you can see white flowers around here. If you come to this place early enough, you may see deers and wild pigs still wandering around. They were chased away by the park-workers' motorcycles in early morning. It is sad to say that, after nearly 10 yrs of development, you can hardly see this beatiful scenery again.
Prayad-DownGolfCourt-adjusted-s (53K)

Some of the barking deers I encountered during my trips to this old golfcourse are shown belows. KhaoyaiApril24-42-A-Deer-s (105K)

KhaoyaiApril24-42-A-DeerClosedUp-s (83K)

These two barking deers were spotted by me and my son about 6:00 a.m. not far from a trail in the old golfcourse.

A closer look at one of them.

Below was a real big deer, not a barking deer. Their coulors and sizes are difference. Barking deer is much smaller. We found this deer around the old golfcourse in 2001.
KhaoyaiDeer-crp-s (58K)

A friend of mine, Dr. Krisman was pointing at a deer.You know that the wild deer will keep distance from human being. In this picture, the distance is about 200 meters.
KrismanPointingAtDeer-crp-s1 (63K)

This is the picture of the four of us.
NWRFamily_MTB-s (46K)

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