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Biking from Phaklaoy Mai Waterfall(Orchid Camping Ground) to HaewNarok Waterfall.ขี่เสือภูเขาไปน้ำตกเหวนรก

Well, this was another trip of our family to Khao Yai National Park. That was during Jan 1-2, 1995. I and my wife intended to try riding from Orchid Waterfall to Haew Narok Waterfall about 12 kms (estimated from the map) along the asphalted road. This road goes through thick and fascinating evergreen forest with many high and long slope hills.
We arrived Pha Gloay Mai(Orchid Stone ) camping ground in the late afternoon. During driving up the mountain passing through a monkey territory, as many times before, we found monkeys tried to fallow tourist cars and begged for food.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Monkeys-cs (53K)

KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-MonkeyBeggingFood-cs (55K)

Monkey feeding is prohibitted by the park's rule, but most people can not stop from violating the rule when they see how cute those monkeys were when they were standing beside your car and begging. Usually you are forced to drive very slowly to avoid running over them. Sometime you find more than 30 monkeys surrounding your car.

Some monkey mothers carried their cubs with them like this one.
MotherMongkey-cup-2001-s (45K)

My advise is that, if you find those monkeys approaching your car, please do not open the window too long and let them come too close to you. Throw the fruits to them when they are 2-3 meters away since I heard many people said that they could jump in your car through the car window and grasped food from you. Banana is their favorite food and they can see it from a distance and that could be dangerous to your children if they are holding the bananas.

We put up our tent at Pha Gloay Mai camping ground and prepare to cook our dinner.
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Prayad was warming up around the camping ground.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-PrayadWarmingUp-s (61K)

It's a happy time to cook with the fire from charcoal and woods instead of a gas stove as we do in our house. You have to bring your own charchoal stove or rent it from the park's camping office. After dinner, we had to prepare to face the mountain night-cold temperature. My daughter was sitting by the fire and lited candles, her favorite job.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Pim-at-camp-s (44K)

How cold is it in December for a mountain top in a tropical country? You can see it from my daughter's clothes at her bed time.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Pim-in-tent-s (50K)

I and my son sneaked out with our MTBs to ride against the cold air with the hope to find some animals at night. We were not lucky.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-NWR-nightbiking-s (26K)

In the morning, everybody were busy cooking their breakfast. My son and his mother were just sliping from our tent.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-our-tentMorning-s (56K)

Some prepared to go back home, but we prepared to ride, destination: Haew Narok.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-PaKloayMaiTents-s (47K)

It was not worth our effort the night before to look for wild animals, we shouldn't had to go out against the cold, a wild pig visited our camp that morning.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Wild-pig2-s (52K)

This wild pig had lost all its dignity as a wild animal, it had learned how to facilitate the search of food, in tha garbage dumping ground rather than in the forest.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Wild-pig1-s (47K)

This was another wild pig, not the last one you see. It had already learnt to make friend with human beings. This girl quite had a gut to face it so close. It was a very sad story for me to learn after that visit a few years later that, all wild pigs in the vicinity of Pha-Kloay-Mai camping ground and the park's head quater, died because of an unknown disease suspected as infected from human beings. So you'll never see them anymore.crying (1K)
A_WildPig-Phagloaymai-Feb-2540-e-s (48K)

We were unusually lucky to find a bear during our way to Haew Narok waterfall. We found this bear near the road close to the junction Prachinburi-Pak Chong, along the way to Haew Narok.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Bear1-s (75K)

Again, this bear lost its wild-life habit! It was moved to another wild-life reservation area a few years later.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Bear2-s (62K)

Prayad led my son in the first few kilometers of our ride.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-PrayadLedAke1-s (45K)

After assending from a long steep hill, you see what happen.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-AkeLead1-s (46K)

Akekaluck also led me away.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-NWR&AKE-on-the-rds (35K)

KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Prayad-on-Rd-s (47K)

Facing another high long assending slope.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Prayad2far-s (51K)

Finally, we reached our destination.
KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Waterfall-s (43K)

KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-PrayadPimAke-Climbing-s (46K)

KYDec2-95-to-HewNaRok-Waterfall-PPA-s (59K)
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