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A hard ride to Khao Lame Meadow ขี่จักรยานไปทุ่งหญ้าเขาแหลม

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Note: If you plan to have a ride to this place, please kindly help conserve its natural environment. Do not come in big group and do not ride there too often. I would highly appreciate your nature conservative awareness.

Riding to Khao Lame meadow (ทุ่งหญ้าเขาแหลม) or Khao Lame Substation (สถานีรักษาพันธุ์สัตว์ป่าเขาแหลม) was one of our hard rides. According to some Khao Yai Narional Park's guards we asked, there was no biker rode to this place before us, so we want to show this record on the web.

This trip we had luck to see some beautiful wild roosters and wild pigs. During driving up the mountain in a late afternoon passing througn the evergreen forest, we met many wild chicken on the road that quickly flew away. There was a wild rooster looking for food not far from the road. He didn't fly away like others, so I got his picture as shown.

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We camped at Pha Glouy Mai as usual but in an area opposite to the crowded area. Next morning, we saw a girl fed a wild pig just infront of her tent, as you can see in the picture. I later learned from her that she camped in this place with her boyfiend nearly every weekend for sometime, so that pig got used to her.

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We rode around the old golfcourse in the early morning, then went to Haew Suwat waterfall in the afternoon to go to Khao Lame meadow (I don't know the word "prairie" or "meadow" that is appropriate for this place, I feel the grassland is too small to be called "prairie" in American sense (even the word prairie was originally the french word for meadow), so I call it meadow even if it's a little larger than usual meadow as I ever know).
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The evening before, we had informed the park's guard office at Pha Glouy Mai to get a permission to go to Khao Lame Meadow. They reminded us that, it is not recommended but we can go on our own risks, since that place is rich of all kinds of dangerous wildlife, such as, elephants, tigers, boars, that we might encounter them on trail.
I asked a park' sofficer about the entrance to Khao Lame meadow. He told us that we have to ride to Haew Suwat waterfall first, then go to the creek about 50 meters before the waterfall. Then look for a steel sling that tied between two trees across the Lam Takong creek. That sling was used by the park's gards to cross the creek when the water run too high in the rain season. The trail to Khao Lame meadow starts from the tree that was tied by the sling, it is in the opposit bank of the tourist service area.

"The rope" or the sling across the creek to Khao Lame Meadow.
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The trail was really a jungle trail, not a bike trail, very narrow and someplaces disaapeared in the bushes. After carrying our bikes crossing the creek, we rode along that trail.

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You can see that Ake was wearing a walkie-talkie. I bought a pair of bicycle walkie-talkie from Australia and told my son to use it in this trip. Since he is a skillful biker, so he usually ride faster than me and I afraid we would get lost in the jungle of this trip.
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Only a few hundred meters from the river bank that the trail turn to be very rooty and plenty of steep slopes. It was impossible to ride. We were ridden by our bikes instead of riding it
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We met the girl I mentioned along the trail. She walked to the same destination as we did with her boy friend. The two of them holding a stick in their hand which help them climb steep slope better. The man was very nice, he helped me carry my bike up high and steep slopes many times. We spent more than 2 hours along the trail, totally beaten. Our bikes turned to be a burden instead of a vihicle.

We could ride only about 60% of the trail. Many times that we have to lift our bike over logs and follen trees. The most dangerous thing was small short cut trees, about 2 inches diameter, theye were cut 20 degree from vertical axis about 2 feet above ground, to make way to the parkguards. That looked like spears emerged from the ground that can cause a dead injury if you fell on them from your bike.

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When we reached the highest peak of the thick forest mountain, the forest suddenly disappeared. We were amazed by a large area of grassland, Khao Lame meadow was infront of us. It was really a fascinating scenic view.
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Ake and me rested awhile before starting to ride down the hill to the meadow. The suroundings were unbelievable. It is only about 2 hours walk isolated by a high mountain and unspoiled evergreen forest from the crowded Haew Suwat waterfall.
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My bike looked so smart on the top of the mountain with Khao Lame Meadow as the background.
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It was a lot of fun to ride down to what they call Khao Lame camp which is located about 2 kms from the mountain top. At one point we have to carry our bikes across a deep creek on a small wooden bridge.

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Akekaluck was carrying his bike across a bridge built from two small logs.
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This is the entrance to the camp.
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The official sign of the camp.
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Then we reached a wooden house which is the substation.
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No one in the substation, only that girl and her boy friend, me and my son. We found that the house was built simply for the park's guards to stay over night to gard wildlife from hunters. This meadow is a place which was highly protected from tourists, usually they don't allow many visitors to go there. Not more than 10 to 20 persons a day. The place was well preserved to maintain its virgin so that wild animals are out for food even at daytime. That's not happen in Khao Yai area. According to some park gards, animals are searching for food not far from the house, they used to see a tiger killed a deer just 100 meters from the house. It could be true since that afternoon we heard some animal loud noises not far from the station, it could be deers. Another sound we heard was the crash of animal horns, I think two deers were fighting for something. That sound came intermitently for nearly 10 minutes. We can not see them unless we walk through the grass to look for them. The grass on another side of the house around the creek where animal noise came from were higher than our heads, more than 2 meters in average, so we were not sure of our safty to look for them.
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We rested untill we gain some strength, then we had to prepare to ride back. The couple had gone ahead of us. There was no food, no water for tourist in that place, and since no guard around, coupled with the sound we heard around the camp, it would be dangerous to stay there overnight.

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So we rode back to the mountain top where we came down.
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End of story.

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