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    Biking on Khao Pang Ma

    Year 2002

    There was a time when people were excited about the Thai gaurs came back to an area of Pang Ma mountain or Khao Pang ma, about 200 kms from Bangkok. They were disappeared and hardly be seen for more than 2 decades. Now, they said, you can watch them from the top of the mountain where wildlife-guards and forest authorities have a camp for forest restoration project.

    I, my wife and one of my former students, a long time biking friends went there with a hope to see them once in our lifetime. The top of the mountain has a small flat area where you can camp. If you contact them in advance, you may be able to stay in a small hut they provided for tourists.

    We arrived there quite late, so we put on our tents in the camping area at the top of the mountain. In the morning, we rushed to the spot where they said we can observe the gaurs. It was dissappointed ,after waiting for hours, we had no luck, the gaurs did not appear that morning.

    So we went on biking around the top of the mountain, a little higher than the camping area on the Khao Yai side. The trails are walking trails and some were jungle road built by the forest authorities for wildlife protection job and to re-plant the forest. These trails are very perfect for mountain biking. Many kinds of hard to find birds were around, even Thai egles. We saw them flying circulary above our heads looking for preys.

    I wanted to bike deeper into the jungle, but we had no much time since we wanted to see the forest on another side of the main road, not far from that place. My friend said the forest are much more perfect and animals including wild elephants are plenty. It is sad that when we look from the mountain to the city side and to Khao Yai side, the landscapes are so big different. We were unhappy to see so much destructive power of human being.

    Our bikes on the top.
    KhaoPangMa-Kia&Zusuki+Bikes-s (47K)

    Looking to the Khao Yai side.
    KhaoPangMa4-View-Khaoyai_side-s (57K)

    Looking to the City side which is an area where they were trying to restore the forest. They were very proud that the guars came back to the re-planted fores. This news make the country very exciting about the forest restoration program.
    KhaoPangMa4-View-CIty_side-s (65K)

    The camping area on the mountain top, also the place for the forest restoration project authorities.
    KhaoPangMa2-TopGround-s (43K)

    They grow a kind of tree called Mon (หม่อน } all around, it is the tree people use to feed silk-worms. The fruit is eatable and delicious. The leaves can cure many modern diseases.
    KhaoPangMa2-MonFruits-s (50K)

    Samran, my friend, at a hut for watching the gaurs.
    KhaoPangMa-Samran-s (47K)

    Prayad and me.
    KhaoPangMa3-NWRPrayad2-s (50K)

    KhaoPangMa3-NWRPrayad-s (49K)

    Of course, our best friends, our bikes.
    KhaoPangMa3-TheHut-s (54K)

    KhaoPangMa3-TheHut2-s (50K)

    The authorities here seem fond of poetry. These are two poems they wrote about how good husbands and wives should behave.
    LoveHusbanPoem-s (79K)

    KhaoPangMa2-GoodHusbandPoem-s (53K)

    End of Story

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