Intelligent Walking Robots & Micromouse Contest'1998

Before we begin to tell you about the  story of  our  robotic contest in 1998, the creator of this page  would like to show 2 pictures  below and share with you  the warmest moment of the participants in the legged-robots contests of Thailand.

   Her Majesty Royal Crown Princess Thep Ratana Rachasuda watched a walking legged robot in a demonstration in 1995

Her Majesty  examined the floor of the  racing track for legged robots which was paved with thick clay.

The racing track and the crowd  in 1995


How it all began..

CAT is the only  organization who organizes Micromouse Contest once a year in Thailand. The purpose of this activity is to promote artificial intelligence programming practice among students and  to search for a national winner team to paticipate in the international contest (in SEARCC xx  exhibition and conference) under its sponsorship. CAT 's committee initiated the micromouse contest in Thailand as part of SEARCC'96 exhibition and conference  which were held in Bangkok that year. CAT  imported  micromouse and mazes from Singapore,  donated them to several  universities and invited  university instructors and students to organize racing teams. The event was a high success so CAT continue organizing the event in the following years of its anual  ComputerThai'xx exhibition and confference.

For the legged robots contest, it began in 1998. Together with the micromouse contest,   CAT  organized "Intelligent Walking Robot Contest" for the first time under its umbrella  in ComputerThai'98.

In this page, we show some pictures from the 1998-event below.


Winners of 1998 Micromouse and walking robots contest.

The committee and the winners.

The battle field.....

A robot was trying to avoid the obstacles.

Getting prepare...

A closer look.. fixing, adjusting....
You may already known that Micromouse contest is an international event and use international rules but you may wonder how Intelligent Walking Robots Contest  was born. The legged or walking robots contest was initiated in 1994 by Narong Wesnarat (, who was chairman of CAT's Computer Cummunication Group. He was the secretary general of The Electronic Association of Thailand at that time. The purpose of the contest was to motivate Thai teenagers and enthausiastic adults to use their spare time to create innovation, especially in the design and construction of high-tech autonomous products.

Some legged robots in the first event in 1994

Go-No Go.....?

The 1994 winners.

Mangkujjee, the first prize winner.

Welknown spectators

The obstacles were smooth surface, sand, clay and 30 degree slope.
Since computer industry involves hardware, automatic machinery and software, this kind of contest is also fit inline with CAT's activities. As an executive committee of CAT in 1998, Narong proposed the Intelligent Walking Robot Contest as an additional event in ComputerThai'98 exhibition to be held in parallel with micromouse contest.  His proposal  was granted by the committee.

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