The 1995 Legged Robots Contest.

In 1995, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok organized a Legged Robots Contest as an event in their Computer and Information Technology Exhibition. There were more than 30 legged robots participated in that event.

Her Majesty Royal Princess Thep Ratana Rachasuda visited the exhibition and allowed the organizing committee to demonstrate walking robots on the racing track. Her Majesty watched Mangkujjee, the 1st price winner of 1994 walked and climbed the slope. The royal princess laughed with the crowd when Mangkujjee broke one of its legs.

 The following are pictures taken from  the racing track a day after the Royal princess visiting.

The racing track started with a solid smooth and slippery floor, follow by about 1 meter long sand, downward clay slope, flat clay area and then climbing slope. A robot taken shortest time to hit the finish-line wins.

ECOJET 2 at the start line.

Another robot started to walk...

Robots queued for the race.

Hitting the finish line (alumenium bar) will stop the digital timer and lit the red light. The timer lit the green light to signal  the robot to start walking.

ECOJET2  was the 1st prize winner (he was the 1st runner-up in 1994 contest). Mangkutjjee was forced  out of  the race because of its broken leg.
Hit-finishline-95-1a-s (23K)

A close look when ECOJET 2 steped on the finish-line. To reduce its load and increase walking speed, the body was removed during the race.