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Amaizing Songkran MTB at Chiangmai 700-Year Sport Complex แข่งเสือภูเขาอะเมซซิ่งสงกรานต์ที่สนามกีฬา 700 ปี เชียงใหม่

April 12, 1998

Amaizing Songkran Mountain Bike race at 700-year Sport Complex, Chiangmai, was a pleasant event for me. The place was only about 1 km from my home in Chiangmai. It is our family custom to visit my mother during Songkran festival (Water Festival) every year. When they orgainzed that event, we were delighted to join them. I, my son and Uoo, my son's friend, entered the cross-country race, while Prayad and Pimjai were our photographers and supporters. Since the sport complex is located at the foot of Doi Pui mountain, therefore the back of the complex is a perfect place to set up a cross country or downhill mountain bike track. So they did, for that amazing event.

The track they chose for that race was too short for a standard racing, so everyone must complete 2 loops, professional level must complete 3 loops. When a racer completed one loop, he/she must pick up a pink cotton ring, they counted the rings to show that the racer had completed the required distance.

The racing track was too hard for a beginner, it passed through real mountains, high hills. Some of the single track slopes were very steep so that most non-professional could not ride up or down. Many novices quit the race after the first loop, so did I .; )

After the race, we felt that we need to practice steep down hill riding a bit more. So we went to the racing track again and tried it. You can see the pictures of our attempts in here.

At the start-finish point.
All-at-StartPt-s (51K)

Akekaluck and Uoo at the starting point.
Ake-at-StartPt-s (59K)

Me at the starting point. You can see that there was only one racer who carry a camera. As I mentioned, I never expect to win any race, what I wanted was to capture the atmosphere of the race with my camera.
NWR-StartPt-s (61K)

Behind the start line.
BehindStartPt-s (41K)

Go! เริ่มออกตัว อัดกันจริงจังชนิดแยกเขี้ยว...
AmazingMTB-Go-s (57K)

This was the entry point to the single track part of the race. Some bikes already broke.
EnteringSingleTrack-s (65K)

At a climbing point.
Racers-UpHill-s (70K)

A down-hill part of the track.
ARacerDownHill-s (67K)

At one steep track, I was hesitating to ride down or to carry my bike down. The track was so steep that, even without a bike, walking down the track was very difficult.
NWR-RideDownOrNo-st (86K)

Ake at the pink cotton ring pick up point.
Ake-at-PickUpPt2-s (42K)

Ajarn Prachin Rungroj, a wellknown professional racer and a teacher, who won many championships of mountain and road bike races, also joined the race.
AjPrajin-at-PickUpPoint-s (57K)

It's me, at the pick up point.
NWR-pickupPt-s (44K)

I just finished the first loop.
NWR-FinishPt-s (51K)

As expected, Ajarn Prachin was the first prize winner in the 40-49 year old category.
AjPrajin-at-AwardCeremony-s (54K)

Practicing Down Hill Ride

This part of the pictures were taken when we went to the cross-country track again, and tried to practice down hill riding.

Prayad posting on a road to the racing track.
Prayad-700YrSportComplexPosting-s (43K)

Prayad-700YrSportComplexPostingV-s (46K)

Uoo, Prayad and Akekaluck.
AkePrayadUoo-s (48K)

Prayad downhilling.
Prayad-DownHill700YrSportComplexPosting-s (46K)

Akekaluck trying downhill.
Ake-DownHill-at700YrSport-s (46K)

I don't like down hill ride, but I prefered up-hill ride.
NWR-UpHill-700YrSprtCplx-s (44K)

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