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MTB Course with Aj. Prachin เรียนเสือภูเขากับอาจารย์ปราจิน รุ่งโรจน์

May 11,1998

I would like to dedicate this page to Ajarn Prachin Roongroj (อาจารย์ ปราจิน รุ่งโรจน์), a person who have done many good deeds to Thai bicycle community. He is now (2005) over 50 years old , but still very active in the mountain bike battle field. You can see his name as the 1st prize winner of his age category in almost every major national level MTB racings. Aj. Prachin is a Thai bicycle champion, he won a gold medal in an Asian Game road bike racing.

I met Aj. Prachin several times in MTB events I participated, or just as a spectator. When I learned that he offer MTB group course to beginners, I was interested. We never dream to be a MTB champion like Aj. Prachin, but just riding MTB for a pleasure in mountainous or forest area is sometime dangerous. It is better to learn basic skill from a pro.

So, I arranged a one-day course for my wife and my son. The training area was called Bor Din Dam (black soil well), located at the foot of Khao Khaew mountain in Chonburi province. That's not far from his house. This page is the collection of pictures from that course. The training was a kind of "fun to learn" lesson.

Prayad and Akekaluck and Aj. Prachin at Bor Din Dam when we were preparing to start the lesson.
AkePrayadPrajin1-s (67K)

During the exercise with your bikes session. Even we have riden MTB for a few years, we must go back to basic, a good practice is still neccessary for us.
AkePrayadPrajin-BikeExercise1-s (63K)

AkePrayadPrajin-BikeExercise2-s (56K)

Good method and sufficient exercises are important to build your skill, he said.
AkePrayadPrajin-BikeExercise3-s (62K)

AkePrayadPrajin-BikeExercise4-s (60K)

Learning how to control your bikes.
AkePrayadPrajin-BikeExercise5-s (48K)

AkePrayad-BikeExercise6a-s (25K)

Harder and harder...
AkePrayadPrajin-BikeExercise7-s (56K)

AkePrayadPrajin-BikeExercise7Prayad-s (52K)

The last in-site training was how to jump across a small log, Aj. Prachin demonstrated first.
AjPrajin-LogCrossing-s (33K)

Only Akekaluck can do what Aj. Prachin had shown.
Ake-crossing-a-log-s (34K)

Aj. Prachin also suggested a method how to control your bike while sitfing on it in a cute position without having your foot to touch the ground. He said it might be neccessary if we were waiting for the red-light on the road (it makes you look smart so that many girls driving a Mercedez may have to look at you :-) ). Only Ake could get some clues and continued practicing at home until he can do it for a few seconds.

Then we rode to the mountain, to try the real thing.
MTBcourse4-ride-to-mountain-s (46K)

The first lesson, simple up-hill riding.
AkePrayad-UpHill1-s (62K)

Prayad-Uphill-exercise1-s (67K)

Prayad seemed not strong enough, so Aj. Prachin was on guard to help her, just in case....
Prayad-UpHill-exercise2-s (77K)

A simple down-hill lesson. Aj. Prachin showed how to handle the bike during down-hilling.
AjPrajin-show-downhill-s (27K)

It's quite a steep long slope, Prayad was trying to do what the master had shown, Aj. Prachin was waiting with tense (ลุ้นจนตัวโก่ง). Prayad-downhill-1st-exercise-s (72K)

Prayad could easily do it.
Prayad-downhill-exercise-s (59K)

Then, Akealuck, with ease.
Ake-downhill-s (40K)

Next lesson was up-hill and down-hill on a rough road. Aj. Prachin showed how to do it first.
AjPrajin-UpHill-RoughTerrain-s (38K)

He could ride all the way to the top of the hill with ease.
AjPrajin-UpHill-RoughTerrain2-s (30K)

Akekaluck was trying...
Ake-UpHill-RoughTerrain-s (81K)

Ake-UpHill-RoughTerrain2-s (81K)

My son was a skilled biker, but he could not beat that hill as easy as Aj. Prachin.
Ake-UpHill-RoughTerrain3-s (44K)

Prayad's turn.
Prayad-UpHill-exercise3-s (77K)

Aj. Prachin knew what he had to do for this lesson.
Prayad-UpHill-exercise4-s (83K)

My wife can go only half the hill with Aj. Prachin pushing, then gave up.
Prayad-UpHill-exercise5-pushed-s (70K)

A rough terrain down-hill session. The master demonstrated first.
AjPrajin-show-downhill-roughTerain-s (37K)

Prayad could do it with Aj. Prachin pulling behind.
Prayad-DownHill-roughTerrain-s (67K)

After that, we went back to the office for lunch.
MTBcourseLateLunch-s (63K)

The afternoon sessons were more advanced lessons. Only Akekaluck could follow the course. Aj. Prachin guided him how to ride over thick sand, steep slopes, etc.. Aj. Prachin was hurt a little bit from falling at a steep hill while trying to push Akekaluck. The lesson end in the late afternoon with a lot of fun.

End of Story

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