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CS1031-ProgrammingFundamentals-LAB-June2008 - revised 2017. This page retains some original broken links and content to reflect the environment when I taught this subject in 2008.

Available Tools

Midterm Semester 1/2008 Solution, click here!

You can get previous lab documents from the following links:
  1. CS1031 Lab 01 MSWord/MS Excel.(.html) (Download .doc file).
    MS Word Exercise file(.pdf) (.doc)
    MS Excel Introduction .(.html) Excel Charting How to. (.html), (.pdf).
  2. CS1031 Lab 02: Software Development Method. (.html) (.doc)
  3. CS1031 Lab 03: Simple C programming I (.html) (.doc)
  4. Read the followings first:
  5. CS1031 Lab 04 I/O formatting and Reading data from text files (.html) (.doc)
  6. CS1031 Lab 05 Top-Down Design with Function. (.html) (Download .doc file)
  7. CS1031 Lab 06 Order of Execution and Single Stepping. (.html) (Download++ .doc file)
  8. Lab 06 Order of Execution and Single Stepping -solutions(.html)
  9. CS1031 Lab 07 Selection Structures, if & switch statements. (.html) (Download .doc file)
  10. CS1031 Lab 08: Repetition and Loop Statements (.html) ( Download .doc file)
  11. CS1031 Lab 09: Modular Programming, Scope of Names,Function w/ I/O parameters. (.html) (Download .doc file)
  12. CS1031 Lab 10: Simple Data Types.(.html) (Download .doc file)
  13. CS1031 Lab 11: Arrays. A secret of solving large magic squares! (.html) (Download .doc file)
  14. Machine Problem: Tic-Tac-Toe Program Project Description.(.html)(.doc)
  15. Tic Tac Toe Demo(Can you beat me?)
  16. CS1031 Lab 12. Strings and Array of Structures >(.html) (Download .doc file)
    Lab 12: Problem 1's executable file
    Lab 12: Problem 2's executable file
    Lab 12: Problem 3's executable file
  17. CS1031 Lab 13. Recursive functions .html(.doc)
  18. CS1031 Lab 14. MS WindowsGUI and Graphics Programming (MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 is needed)(.html) (.doc)
  19. Executable file of Lab 14, download to your PC and try it !
  20. CS1031 Lab 15 Find the check digit of a given credit card number(.html (Download .doc file)
How to Install EZwin for MS Visual Studio.NET's IDE . If this file is not displayed properly on your browser, download MS *.doc format here.